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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Money, Religiosity and Spiritual Well-Being : Does it impact Consumers' Ethical beliefs? Evidence from IndiaSingh, Ramendra
2012Customers' value appraisals-suppliers' value propositions interaction process in developing new services: A case study from the natural gas industrySingh, Ramendra; Paliwal, Pramod
2013The impact of job satisfaction, adaptive selling behaviors and customer orientation on salesperson's performance: Exploring the moderating role of selling experienceSingh, Ramendra; Das, Gopal
2018Emotion regulation – natural reward strategy linkage and its impact on sales performance: the mediating impact of salesmanship skillsSingh, Ramendra; Singh, Rakesh Kumar P.; Banerji, Diptiman
2013Does CSR orientation reflect stakeholder relationship marketing orientation? An empirical examination of Indian banksSingh, Ramendra; Agarwal, Sharad
2012What drives Indian consumer credit card loyalty? The perspective of involvement in reward programmesLiu, Matthew Tingchi; Brock, James L.; Singh, Ramendra; Chu, Rongwei; Sy-Changco, Joseph A.
2012Karma orientation in boundary spanning sales employees: A conceptual framework and research propositionsSingh, Ramendra; Singh, Rakesh Kumar P.
2012Jugaad-From 'Making Do' and 'Quick Fix' to an Innovative, Sustainable and Low-Cost Survival Strategy at the Bottom of the PyramidSingh, Ramendra; Gupta, Vaibhav; Mondal, Akash
2015Corporate Social Responsibility: Linking Bottom of the Pyramid to Market Development?Singh, Ramendra; Bakshi, Madhupa; Mishra, Prashant
2011SALCUSTOR: A multidimensional scale for salespersons' customer orientation and implications for customer-oriented selling: Empirical evidence from IndiaSingh, Ramendra; Koshy, Abraham