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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Advances in data communications and networking for digital business transformationSaha, Debashish
2018A cost-effective cloud strategy for small and medium enterprises (SMEs): Transforming business with amazon's EC2 spot instancesSaha, Debashish
2013A sustainable and collaborative strategy for dynamic spectrum management in next generation wireless networksPaul, Ayan; Maitra, Madhubanti; Mandal, Swarup; Sadhukhan, Samir K.; Saha, Debashish
2014How small and medium enterprises (SMEs) should bid for spot instances of Amazon's EC2 cloudSaha, Debashish
2013A dynamic spectrum management strategy based on cooperative bargaining frameworkPaul, Ayan; Maitra, Madhubanti; Mandal, Swarup; Sadhukhan, Samir K.; Saha, Debashish
2019A Markov-Based Model for Information Security Risk Assessment in Healthcare MANETsDas, Saini; Mukhopadhyay, Arunabha; Saha, Debashish; Sadhukhan, Samir K.
2014A novel enhancement of TCP for on-board IP networks with wireless cellular connectivitySardar, Bhaskar; Saha, Debashish; Hassan, Mahbub
2018Analytical study of a dual pointer based strategy for location update using node B sojourn time in UMTS networksSadhukhan, Samir K.; Bose, Chayanika; Saha, Debashish; Chattopadhyay, Asis Kumar
2013Distributed lightpath establishment techniques using Multi-wavelength Reservation Protocols in WDM optical networksSengupta, Malabika; Mondal, Swapan Kumar; Saha, Debashish
2011Performance analysis of the CAC scheme CARETON under mixed cell environment in overlay networksMukhopadhyay, Asish Kumar; Khara, Sibaram R.; Saha, Sajal; Saha, Debashish