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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014The Modern Indian Middle Class Housewife and Her washing powder: Deconstructing symbolic ideology in contemporary communication strategy in advertising: The case of Nirma and WheelRath, Pragyan; Bharadwaj, Apoorva
2018Nationalism, Diversity, and Human Rights: An Ethnographic Study of Buddhism and Tagore and Thoughts for Marketing Intercultural UnderstandingChoudhury, Koushiki
2014Integrating operations and marketing decisions using delayed differentiation of products and guaranteed delivery time under stochastic demandKuthambalayan, Thyagaraj S.; Mehta, Peesush; Shanker, Kripa
2015Big Data: Prospects and ChallengesMoorthy, Janakiraman; Lahiri, Rangin; Biswas, Neelanjan; Sanyal, Dipyaman; Ranjan, Jayanthi; Nanath, Krishnadas; Ghosh, Pulak
2013Ideology for the 10 Billion: Introduction to Globalization of Marketing IdeologyEckhardt, Giana M.; Dholakia, Nikhilesh; Varman, Rohit
2012Shaping corporate brand performance through market orientation : a dyadic study in an emerging economy contextSarkar, Soumya; Mishra, Prashant (Supervisor)
2012Essays on consumption among migrant consumersSreekumar, Hari; Varman, Rohit (Supervisor)
2012Influence of organizational environment on managerial choice of dealer performance measures : a multi dimensional frameworkGoyal, Vikas; Mishra, Prashant (Supervisor)
2016An Inquiry into marketing and consumption of khadiShah, Nirali P; Varman, Rohit (Supervisor)
2016An Inquiry into subaltern consumptionKhare, Apoorv Kumar; Chatterjee, Leena (Supervisor)