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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Individualism-collectivism and business context as predictors of behaviors in cross-national work settings: Incidence and outcomesSmith, Peter Bevington; Torres, Claudio Vaz; Hecker, Jilia; Chua, Chei Hwee; Chudzikova, Alena; Degirmencioglu, Serdar M.; Donoso-Maluf, Francisco; Nancy Yifeng, Chen Yi Feng; Harb, Charles; Jackson, Brad; Malvezzi, Sigmar; Mogaji, Andrew A.; Pastor, Juan Carlos; Perez-Floriano Lorena R.; Srivastava, Bharatendu Nath; Stahl, Gunter K.; Thomason, Stephanie J.; Yanchuk, Vladimir
2011Learning through shared objects in outsourced software developmentVakkayil, Jacob D.
2011Some issues in compensation management: Two case studies for teachingKumar, Rajiv; Vakkayil, Jacob D.
2011Whether the Supreme Court's Characterisation of Non-obviousness on the Federal Circuit's Judicial Creativity? An Analysis of Post KSR decisionsUnni, V.K.
2011The information deficit: Use of media in deliberative democracyBhattacharjee, Swati; Chattopadhyay, Raghabendra
2011Ten years after the Doha Declaration: Future agenda at the interface of public health innovation and tradeChaudhuri, Sudip
2011Innovation since TRIPS - Neglected Diseases and Public Private PartnershipChaudhuri, Sudip
2011Agropedia - A knowledge management platform for AgrivultureSarkar, Runa
2011Earning capacity, efficiency and poverty: A study on rural West Bengal and OrissaMajumder, Amita; Neogi, Chiranjib; Chakrabarty, Manisha
2011Challenges in GSPOAdeliverables for Indian Pharmaceuticals Industry after TRIPS: A Proposal for R&D CooperationChaudhuri, Sudip