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Title: Unique nature of appraisal politics as a work stress: test of stress–strain model from appraisee's perspective
Authors: Dhiman, Amit
Keywords: Appraisee's political behaviours
Perception of appraisal politics
Psychological strain
Psychological stress
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: SCOPUS
Personnel Review
Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.
Series/Report no.: 50(1)
Abstract: Purpose: This paper delineates the distinctive nature of appraisal politics perceptions (referenced to organizational politics) experienced by appraisees (APAP) as a form of hindrance work stressor that is more episodic than chronic, salient during the PA rating and reward decisions. The study argues and attempts to establish empirically that due to its distinct nature, it causes both short-term episodic strain and long-term chronic strain. Further, the study investigates the distinctive role played by appraisee's hard and soft influence behaviour as a coping mechanism moderating the influence of APAP as a stressor on strain variables in Indian organizational context that ferments politics. Design/methodology/approach: The data was collected using self-reports from 407 employees in Indian organizations using survey method. Multivariate analyses including moderating tests were used for testing the hypotheses. Findings: Only the episodic components of the APAP-appraiser's rating politics and pay and promotion politics were significantly related to anxiety felt by appraisees during PA – an episodic measure of strain. All three APAP components were significantly related to the chronic strain measure of dissatisfaction. There was modest support for the role of influence tactics (IT) as a coping mechanism attenuating the negative relation of APAP with the dissatisfaction variables as chronic strain measures. Contrary to the hypothesis, softer tactics exacerbated the APAP–PA anxiety relation, indicating the episodic nature of stressor and strain. Originality/value: The study contributes significantly to enhance the understanding about the nature of Appraisal politics.
Description: Amit Dhiman, Department of Human Resource Management, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Kolkata, India
ISSN/ISBN - 00483486
DOI - 10.1108/PR-05-2019-0276
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