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dc.contributor.authorRay, Partha
dc.contributor.authorPal, Parthapratim
dc.descriptionPartha Ray, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Kolkata, India; Parthapratim Pal, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Kolkata, India
dc.descriptionISSN/ISBN - 00129976
dc.description.abstractThe 2020 Union Budget has announced several small steps that could give some fillip to the financial sector in the short run, but the lack of a long-term vision for reviving an economy in downswing remains most conspicuous.
dc.publisherEconomic and Political Weekly
dc.publisherEconomic and Political Weekly
dc.subjectSpace Policy
dc.subjectEuropean Space Agency
dc.subjectSmall Satellites
dc.titleFinancial sector in the budget: Skating on thin ice?
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