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Title: Can local producers compete with low-cost imports? A simulation study of pharmaceutical industry in low-income Africa
Authors: Chaudhuri, Sudip
West, Alastair
Keywords: Affordability
Local production
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: SCOPUS
Innovation and Development
Taylor and Francis Ltd.
Series/Report no.: 5(1)
Abstract: The industrial policy objective of promoting local production of pharmaceuticals for stimulating economic growth is increasingly appreciated by African governments and internationally. However, questions are widely raised by health policy-makers concerning the ability of Africa-based producers to compete on price with Indian and Chinese imports and, hence, to sustain access to essential medicines for low-income populations. Data are lacking to test this influential critique. This paper uses an innovative methodology to overcome the difficulties of data access within African contexts. The analysis strongly suggests that despite higher costs than Indian producers, pharmaceutical industries in small underdeveloped countries necessarily imply neither higher prices nor unviable production operations. By ensuring sufficient market access for local producers, governments (and by extension Regional Economic Communities) in low-income Africa can promote viable local production without sacrificing the objective of affordability and accessibility. � 2014 Taylor & Francis.
Description: Chaudhuri, Sudip, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Kolkata, India; West, Alastair, United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, Vienna, Austria
ISSN/ISBN - 2157930X
DOI - 10.1080/2157930X.2014.921273
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