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Title: The informal sector in Kolkata metropolitan area: Appraisal and prospects for local economic development
Authors: Shaw, Annapurna
Keywords: Informal sector
Kolkata Metropolitan Area
Local economic development
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: SCOPUS
Spatial Diversity and Dynamics in Resources and Urban Development: Volume II: Urban Development
Springer Netherlands
Abstract: No plan for local economic development within the larger metropolitan region of Kolkata can realistically succeed unless based on an understanding of the informal sector and taking account of it in subsequent local development strategy. The objective of this chapter is to provide a detailed look at the state of the informal sector in the larger metropolitan region of Kolkata since 1991. This information would provide a means to understand the impact of economic liberalization on the local economies of the various smaller towns/municipalities that constitute the Kolkata Metropolitan Area (KMA) and to suggest ways to incorporate the informal sector in the growth process. The study is based on aggregate-level secondary data that present trends in growth and structure of the informal sector in the KMA. The study also considers informal manufacturing activities and informal service activities, and highlights ways to include the informal sector in the local economic development process. © Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht 2016.
Description: Shaw, Annapurna, Public Policy and Management Group, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, West Bengal, India
ISSN/ISBN - 978-940179786-3;978-940179785-6
DOI - 10.1007/978-94-017-9786-3_24
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