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Title: Trends and issues in housing in Asia: Coming of an age
Authors: Sengupta, Urmi
Shaw, Annapurna
Keywords: Informal Settlements
Affordable Housing
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: SCOPUS
Trends and Issues in Housing in Asia: Coming of an Age
Taylor and Francis
Abstract: This book offers a comprehensive overview of current housing practices across Asian cities based on facts and trends in the market. For many countries in Asia, the future of housing is now. This future is closely linked to successful theoretical advancement and policy practice in housing studies. This volume brings together twelve chapters divided across four thematic parts that sum up the concept and conditionality of housing in Asian cities. It studies housing through conceptual perspectives and empirical studies to explore established notions, cultures and practices relevant to the 21st-century post-reform context in Asia. Housing and property have long been economic drivers, leading many individual households towards better lives and associated social and community benefits, while also collectively improving the economic base of a city or country. This book examines the nature of the interplay of both state and market in the housing outcomes of these cities. With its extensive geographic coverage across South East Asia, South Asia, and the Far East and a cross section of different income groups, the book will interest reseachers and scholars in urban studies, architecture, development studies, public policy, political studies, sociology, policymakers in local and central governments, housing and planning professionals and commercial firms engaged in property markets or real estate in Asia. It will also provide ideas, tools and good practices for institutional enablement, stakeholders involved in these interventions, private sector organisations and NGOs. © 2018 selection and editorial matter, Urmi Sengupta and Annapurna Shaw; individual chapters, the contributors.
Description: Sengupta, Urmi, School of Natural and Built Environment, Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom; Shaw, Annapurna, Public Policy and Management Group, Kolkata, India, Centre for Development and Environment Policy, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Kolkata, India
ISSN/ISBN - 978-135162799-3;978-113869604-4
DOI - 10.4324/9781315114538
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