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Title: Indian Business: Notions and Practices of Responsibility
Authors: Jammulamadaka, Nimruji Prasad
Keywords: Cause-Related Marketing
Corporate Social Performance
Corporate Philanthropy
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: SCOPUS
Indian Business: Notions and Practices of Responsibility
Taylor and Francis
Abstract: This book presents a critical understanding of Indian business situated as an encounter between indigeneity and Western modernity by exploring notions and practices of responsibility. It brings the paradoxical nature of Indian businesses to the fore: though they have a rich history of philanthropic contributions to social causes, they have also been known for labour rights and human rights violations, environmental abuses, destruction of habitats, pollution and corruption. The book shows how Indian firms straddle these two starkly contrasting positions and the many blends in between to conform to global developments in the pursuit of corporate social responsibility (CSR). It also looks at the emergent field of critical studies and analysis of CSR, especially from the context of a developing country. © 2018 Nimruji Jammulamadaka. All rights reserved.
Description: Jammulamadaka, Nimruji Prasad, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Kolkata, India
DOI - 10.4324/9781315101484
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