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Title: Another Development : Participation Empowerment and Well-being in Rural India
Authors: Sarkar, Runa
Sinha, Anup Kumar
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: AR-IIMC
Routledge, Taylor and Fancis
New Delhi
Abstract: This book is an important intervention in the debate between economic and social development. It makes the case for understanding development in economic terms as well as in terms of well-being, empowerment and participation. Table of Contents Preface. Acknowledgements. Glossary. 1. Development as Transformation 2. Development as Intervention Part 1: Water and Wellbeing 3. Channeling Prosperity and Progress 4. The Power of Politics: Self Reliance Denied 5. Stillness and Change: Lives and Landscapes Part 2: Empowerment and Entrepreneurship 6. Control and Creation: The Worlds of Two Women 7. Between the Money Lender and the Deep Blue Sea: Stories from Fishing Communities in Kerala 8. Packaging Heritage to Unpack Ambitions: Himalayan Home Stays Part 3: People and Participation 9. Natural Resource Management: The Limits to Conservation 10. Creating Big Organisations with Small Farmers 11. Choosing to Change 12. Women, Water and Green Energy 13. Another Development. Bibliography. Index
Description: Runa Sarkar, Department of Economics, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Kolkata; Anup Kumar Sinha, Department of Economics, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Kolkata
ISSN/ISBN - 978-0815373186
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