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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Emerging Market Bidder Returns and the Choice of Payment Method in Mergers and Acquisitions: Evidence from IndiaLadkani, Radha Mukesh; Banerjee, Ashok
2018Money, Religiosity and Spiritual Well-Being : Does it impact Consumers' Ethical beliefs? Evidence from IndiaSingh, Ramendra
2019Self-initiated expatriates in the local organizations of developing countriesKumar, Rajiv; Chhokar, Jagdeep S.
2015Doing social good on a sustainable basis: Competitive advantage of social businessesRoy, Kaushik; Karna, Amit
2020Who does it best? Family and nonfamily owners and leaders navigating institutional development in emerging marketsDau, Luis Alfonso; Purkayastha, Saptarshi; Eddleston, Kimberly Ann
2012Customers' value appraisals-suppliers' value propositions interaction process in developing new services: A case study from the natural gas industrySingh, Ramendra; Paliwal, Pramod
2013The impact of job satisfaction, adaptive selling behaviors and customer orientation on salesperson's performance: Exploring the moderating role of selling experienceSingh, Ramendra; Das, Gopal
2016Impact of consumption emotions on WOM in movie consumption: Empirical evidence from emerging marketsMishra, Prashant; Bakshi, Madhupa; Singh, Ramendra
2020Market Development and Value Creation for Low Socioeconomic Segments in Emerging Markets: An Integrated Perspective Using the 4A FrameworkMaity, Moutusy; Singh, Ramendra
2016Impact of Sales Call Adaptiveness and Customer Willingness on Sales Call Length: A Cross-Country Study of India, China, Korea, and PhilippinesSy-Changco, Joseph A.; Singh, Ramendra; Gregorio, Rizalito L.; Lu, Pierre Xiao; Shin, Geoncheol