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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A bibliometric analysis of two decades of research on business modelsGupta, Gaurav; Bose, Indranil
2017Identifying post-Disaster resource needs and availabilities from microblogsBasu, Moumita; Ghosh, Kripabandhu; Das, Somenath; Dey, Ratnadeep; Bandyopadhyay, Somprakash; Ghosh, Saptarshi
2017Predicting online reviewer popularity: A comparative analysis of machine learning techniquesBhattacharyya, Samadrita; Banerjee, Shankhadeep; Bose, Indranil
2017Social movements in the age of social media: A structural and content-based analysisTarafdar, Pratik; Seetharaman, Priya
2017A novel word embedding based stemming approach for microblog retrieval during disastersBasu, Moumita; Roy, Anurag; Ghosh, Kripabandhu; Bandyopadhyay, Somprakash; Ghosh, Saptarshi
2017Why is 700 MHz band a good proposition for provisioning pan-India 4G LTE services?: A comparative techno-economic evaluation studyJha, Ashutosh; Saha, Debashish
2017Microblog retrieval in a disaster situation: A new test collection for evaluationBasu, Moumita; Roy, Anurag; Ghosh, Kripabandhu; Bandyopadhyay, Somprakash; Ghosh, Saptarshi
2017Imperatives And challenges in using e-government to combat corruption: A systematic review of literature and a holistic modelPalvia, Shailendra C.Jain; Anand, Ambuj; Seetharaman, Priya; Verma, Sanjay
2017Temporal changes in the impact of drivers of online review influenceVallurupalli, Vamsi
2017Double Patterning Lithography (DPL)-compliant layout construction (DCLC) with area-stitch usage tradeoffPal, Debasis; Pramanik, Abir; Dasgupta, Partha Sarathi; Das, Debesh Kumar