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dc.contributor.authorTiwary, Daitri-
dc.descriptionBiosketch: Daitri Tiwary is a doctoral scholar of financial economics at Birla Institute of Management Technology. An alumnus of Xavier Institute of Management - Jabalpur, she has worked in the field of macroeconomic research, policy advocacy, FOREX volatility and hedging in Fortune-500 MNCs in business consulting, IT-products & manufacturing sector. She aims to contribute to industry-relevant academics as a quantitative researcher and educator. Daitri attended the Research Summer School 2021, organized by FRTL, IIM Calcutta. She received the CRISIL Doctoral Symposium Best Paper Award at the India Finance Conference 2022.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe concept of money continues to be the axle of theorizing in micro and macroeconomics. While transitioning from the homo economicus of orthodox theories to the materialistic man in the era of neoliberalism, money is the marker, if not an absolute measure, for income, wealth, growth, and development of nations, firms as well as individuals (Snooks 2000). Though we continue to reinvent its transactional form over the past five centuries, economic theories are being tested and extended through a lens bound by an obsolete and rather rigid definition of money. Have the distinct theoretical standpoints factored in the dynamism of the concept of money, or will certain theories falter while transcending the traditional form of currency? This article explores the metamorphoses of money through classical, neoclassical, Keynesian, monetarist, and modern monetary theory while trying to understand the recent emergence of the digital asset class.en_US
dc.publisherThe Financial Research and Trading Laboratory, IIM Calcuttaen_US
dc.subjectHubristic Golden_US
dc.subjectGold standarden_US
dc.subjectInternational Monetary Fund (IMF)en_US
dc.titleMetamorphoses of money: From coffers to codesen_US
Appears in Collections:Issue 2, December 2022

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