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dc.contributor.authorYadav, Utkarsh-
dc.description.abstractWith each passing day, computers are becoming smaller and more powerful than ever before. There has been an exponential rise in computing power in recent decades. But as the size of transistors will reach their physical limits, the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit cannot be increased further, violating Moore’s law in the future. You might be thinking, why is there a physical limit on the size of a transistor? Let us try to understand this.en_US
dc.publisherStudents of PGDBA Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics, IIM Calcuttaen_US
dc.subjectClassical computersen_US
dc.subjectQuantum computeren_US
dc.titleThe Realm of Quantum Computingen_US
Appears in Collections:AINA 2.0 - Volume 2 Edition 2020-21

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