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Title: The Chronicles of Vision: The evolution of AI from the roots of Computer Vision
Authors: Gadepalli, Aditya
Keywords: Computer Vision (CV)
Deep Learning (DL)
Natural Language Processing
Digital Image Processing (DIP),
Artificial neural network (ANN)
SIFT (Scale -Invariant Feature Transforms)
Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Students of PGDBA Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics, IIM Calcutta
Series/Report no.: Vol.1;
Abstract: What do the iPhone, the latest Star Wars movie, NASA and Walmart have in common? What connects Google with the temple town of Madurai? Well, many things, maybe. But definitely two simple words that have been shaping the modern world in ways that are subtle yet ubiquitous. “Computer Vision” (CV) has been both the origin and back -bone of several advancements that surround us today. Classifying it as a mere subject of study would only be a futile attempt to encompass a universe of intelligent concepts, applications and inter-disciplinary accomplishments. While popular opinion credits advancements in Deep Learning (DL) and the leap in our computational power to the rapid expansion of the field, it is indeed the constant perseverance of researchers and firms to adopt and implement CV_ techniques (followed by Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing) at scale that pushed the boundaries of these advancements.
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