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Title: Nex-Connect Ventures Pvt. Ltd.: Mainstreaming the Marginalized Through the Gig Economy
Authors: Bandyopadhyay, Somprakash
Parthiban, Rishikeshan
Keywords: Rural Children
Elderly People
Institutional Entrepreneurship
Social Business
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Indian Institute of Management Calcutta Case Research Center
Abstract: This case illustrates the evolution of a social-business named NexConnect whose primary objective was to leverage Information and Communication Technologies to enhance the educational opportunities available to the marginalized communities like rural children by harnessing the ignored wisdom of the senior citizens from the urban areas. Students would get to learn how gig-economy could be appropriated to utilize and build human resources. The case also provides an excellent context to trace the progression of a student research project into a business venture that seeks to sustain and expand the fruits of research work. Since the problems associated with old age and the lack of quality education available to rural children are problems of most developing countries, the case has global scope and relevance.
Description: Data Source :- Field research.
Setting :- Indian Context (Based on Two Marginalized Communities- Rural Children & Retired Elderly Urban Teachers)
Case Reference No. :- IIMC-CRC-2018-07
Case Length :- 20 pages + Teaching Note
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