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dc.contributor.authorBose, Indranil
dc.contributor.authorSarkar, Uttam
dc.contributor.authorVamsi, Vallurupalli
dc.descriptionData Source :- Both primary (interviews) and secondary data (available on the web).
dc.descriptionSetting :- Analytics industry in India and the challenges that it faces with the advent of new technologies and new demands from the market.
dc.descriptionCase Reference No. :- IIMC-CRC-2015-12
dc.descriptionCase Length :- 15 pages.
dc.description.abstractLatentview Analytics was started in 2006 by Venkat Vishwanathan, Pramad Jandhyala and Ramesh Hariharan, with Venkat as the CEO. The firm has had a very successful 8 years, with rapid growth in revenues and profits, and several awards and accolades. The success of Latentview Analytics has been attributed to a meticulously selected set of business principles, which guides the operations in the firm. Primary among them is the principle of specialization, which directs the firm to target and focus its resources towards selected market segments. In March 2014, a major change occurred in Latentview, when Venkat stepped down and Gopi Koteeswaran was appointed the new CEO of the firm. A major dilemma, that Latentview is facing currently, is whether it should continue with services, or restructure its business and focus more on solutions. The leadership team is divided on this issue. While Venkat is convinced that Latentview should gradually move to a solutions based approach, Gopi is more cautious and believes that the decision needs further deliberation. Is it really appropriate for Latentview to alter its model and migrate to a solutions based approach? If yes, what all changes would be required to ensure a smooth transition?
dc.publisherIndian Institute of Management Calcutta Case Research Center
dc.subjectAnalytics Industry
dc.subjectCustomer Analytics
dc.subjectEmerging Economy
dc.subjectGuiding Principles
dc.titleServices or Soutions? The Dilemma of Latentview Analytics
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