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Title: Indian Monetary Policy in the Time of Inflation Targeting and Demonetization
Authors: Mohan, Rakesh
Ray, Partha
Keywords: Capital inflows
Inflation targeting
Monetary policy
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: SCOPUS
Asian Economic Policy Review
Blackwell Publishing
Series/Report no.: 14(1)
Abstract: This paper provides a narrative of Indian monetary policy since the North Atlantic Financial Crisis (NAFC) in the mid-2008 till the current period. The period 2009�13 was dominated by the joint monetary and fiscal stimuli of the Indian authorities prompted by the NAFC. These, along with some structural shocks and a hands-off attitude in forex market intervention, could have had their role in rising inflation and external account instability (leading up to the taper tantrum episode). In such a backdrop, after considerable discussion during 2013�14, a Monetary Policy Framework Agreement was signed between the Government of India and the Reserve Bank of India on February 20, 2015 that formally adopted flexible inflation targeting (IT) in India. While the IT regime so far has coincided with significant reduction in inflation in India, the atmosphere has been benign. Now that fuel prices have started moving in the north-east direction, the government has proposed a revised framework for the minimum support price in the Union Budget for 2018�19 and fiscal slippages have started happening, it remains to be seen whether IT can wither more rough weather in the days to come. Finally, in recent years, Indian monetary policy has been dominated by two significant events: the emergence of significant deterioration of Indian public sector balance sheets, and the demonetization episode in November 2016. Monetary policy in both of these periods wrestled with fashioning an appropriate strategy for managing the impossible trinity. � 2018 Japan Center for Economic Research
Description: Mohan, Rakesh, Yale University, United States, Brookings India, India; Ray, Partha, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, India
ISSN/ISBN - 18328105
DOI - 10.1111/aepr.12242
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