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Title: An mHealth recommender for smoking cessation using case based reasoning
Authors: Ghorai, Koel
Saha, Sourav
Bakshi, Aishwarya
Mahanti, Ambuj
Ray, Pradeep K.
Keywords: Text Messaging
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: SCOPUS
Proceedings of the Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
Abstract: The possible cause of many life-threatening diseases such as lung cancer and cardiac myopathy lies in the addiction to tobacco. Apart from being responsible for premature deaths, early diseases and reduced immunity, smoking also inhibits physiological and psychological problems in children born from addicted mothers. Though many developed countries have consciously made efforts to curb smoking, for the developing countries, the trend is still on the rise. The promising factor is that there are many people who are willing to quit smoking and are resorting to technology and electronic media for the same. In this paper, we have proposed a unique smoking intervention plan with the help of mobile phones that uses a Case Based Recommender system. Our model resorts to generating finely customized motivational messages depending on the patient profile and delivery of the same via mobile phones. © 2012 IEEE.
Description: Ghorai, Koel, APuHC, UNSW, Australia; Ghorai, Koel, IIM Calcutta, India; Bakshi, Aishwarya, APuHC, UNSW, Australia; Mahanti, Ambuj, IIM Calcutta, India; Ray, Pradeep K., APuHC, UNSW, Australia
ISSN/ISBN - 15301605
DOI - 10.1109/HICSS.2013.89
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