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Title: In chains: Pedagogy on a leash
Authors: The Telegraph
Keywords: Pedagogy
Issue Date: 15-Apr-2021
Publisher: The Telegraph
Abstract: It is now abundantly clear that academic institutions can no longer take their autonomy for granted. Autonomy is turning out to be a cuss word in this democracy. The elected regime in power has, on several occasions, made its displeasure known towards autonomy by acting against the advocates of independent thought. Now — the irony must not be missed — ‘autonomous’ institutions are turning against the principle as well. The independence of the Indian Institutes of Management is sanctified by law. Now consider the provisions of the proposed draft code at IIM Calcutta, which seek to regulate the conduct of faculty members. Red flags have been raised against the criticism of the government or the institution, participation in protests that hurt “public order” or “decency”; there are curbs on approaching the media, seeking redressal in courts as well as signing petitions. The formulation of the draconian code may have an immediate context: the faculty had approached the government to complain against the director and the board that saw the dismissal of the former. But that is not the full story. The service rules of IIM Bangalore reportedly include the provision on criticism of the institution while teachers of IIM Ahmedabad are expected to be ‘politically neutral’.
Description: The Telegraph, online | 15 April 2021
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