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Title: Embedding CSR at Burckhardt compression
Authors: Jammulamadaka, Nimruji Prasad
Khonde, Dinesh B.
Keywords: Corporate social responsibility
CSR culture
Engineering company
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: SCOPUS
Asian Case Research Journal
Series/Report no.: 15(2)
Abstract: This case deals with a medium-sized engineering company's experiences with initiating CSR. It covers aspects like the rationale for CSR, its relationship with strategy, participation in CSR and speed breakers on the path to building a CSR culture in the company. After sustained growth over a few years, the top management has decided to look beyond profits and embarked on CSR. They allocated 2% of their PBT to their Trust to oversee CSR activities. They began the activities about one and a half years ago. The engagement began with much enthusiasm but with time, it started losing steam. The senior management has also been having a rethink about CSR strategy. Mr. Khonde, the HR head now has to suggest ways of mainstreaming CSR within the company. © 2011 World Scientific Publishing Co.
Description: Jammulamadaka, Nimruji Prasad, Indian Institute of Management, IIM, C210, D. H. Road, Calcutta Joka, Kolkata 700104, India; Khonde, Dinesh B., Burckhardt Compression (India) Pvt. Ltd., Pune, India
ISSN/ISBN - 02189275
DOI - 10.1142/S0218927511001526
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