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Title: A Trigonometric approach to quaternary code designs with application to one-eighth and one-sixteenth fractions
Authors: Zhang, Runchu
Phoa, Frederick K. H.
Mukerjee, Rahul
Xu, Hongquan
Keywords: Aliasing index
Branching technique
Generalized minimum aberration
Generalized resolution
Gray map
Nonregular design
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: AR-IIMC
The Annals of Statistics
Series/Report no.: 39(2)
Abstract: The study of good nonregular fractional factorial designs has received significant attention over the last two decades. Recent research indicates that designs constructed from quaternary codes (QC) are very promising in this regard. The present paper shows how a trigonometric approach can facilitate a systematic understanding of such QC designs and lead to new theoretical results covering hitherto unexplored situations. We focus attention on one-eighth and one-sixteenth fractions of two-level factorials and show that optimal QC designs often have larger generalized resolution and projectivity than comparable regular designs. Moreover, some of these designs are found to have maximum projectivity among all designs.
Description: Rahul Mukerjee, Department of Operations Management, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Kolkata
DOI - 10.1214/10-AOS815
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