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Title: Union distinct families of sets, with an application to cryptography
Authors: Bose, Mausumi
Mukerjee, Rahul
Keywords: Anti collusion code
Constant weight code
Cover-free family
Orthogonal array
Partially cover-free family
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: SCOPUS
Ars Combinatoria
Charles Babbage Research Centre
Series/Report no.: 110
Abstract: A family of sets is called K-union distinct if all unions involving K or fewer members thereof are distinct. If a family of sets is K-cover-free then it is K-union distinct. In this paper, we recognize that this is only a sufficient condition and, from this perspective, consider partially cover-free families of sets with a view to constructing union distinct families. The role of orthogonal arrays and related combinatorial structures is explored in this context. The results are applied to find efficient anti-collusion digital fingerprinting codes.
Description: Bose, Mausumi, Indian Statistical Institute, 203 B.T. Road, Kolkata 700 108, India; Mukerjee, Rahul, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta Joka, Diamond Harbour Road, Kolkata 700 104, India
ISSN/ISBN - 03817032
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