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dc.contributor.authorMukhopadhyay, Asish Kumar
dc.contributor.authorKhara, Sibaram R.
dc.contributor.authorSaha, Sajal
dc.contributor.authorSaha, Debashish
dc.descriptionMukhopadhyay, Asish Kumar, Department of ECE, Dr. B.C. Roy Engineering College, Durgapur 713205, India; Khara, Sibaram R., School of Electronics, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore 632014, India; Saha, Sajal, Department of Computer Applications, Narula Institute of Technology, Kolkata 700109, India; Saha, Debashish, Department of MIS, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta 700104, India
dc.descriptionISSN/ISBN - 17438209
dc.descriptionDOI - 10.1504/IJIPT.2011.040615
dc.description.abstractThe paper proposes a call admission control (CAC) scheme to offer best services to the users in the next generation heterogeneous networks. It optimises the available resources without compromising the interest of the service providers. It has combined the three commonly used CAC schemes - guard channel, buffer-based and priority-based schemes. It considers wireless overlay model for analysing the heterogeneity with detailed analysis of the WLAN-cellular mixed cell environment. The scheme considers differentiated services for the real time and non-real time calls to provide appropriate quality of service (QoS). The proposed scheme has been evaluated through simulation. The results show that the scheme outperforms some significant CAC schemes and shows even better performance under cellular-WLAN mixed environment due to the dual subscription of the users with dual mobile terminal. Copyright � 2011 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.
dc.publisherInternational Journal of Internet Protocol Technology
dc.publisherInderscience Publishers
dc.subjectCall admission control
dc.subjectDual subscription
dc.subjectHeterogeneous network
dc.subjectMixed cell
dc.subjectOverlay network
dc.titlePerformance analysis of the CAC scheme CARETON under mixed cell environment in overlay networks
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