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Title: Role of project owner in e-government project sustainability
Authors: Anand, Ambuj
Seetharaman, Priya
Vaidya, Sanjiv D.
Keywords: Open Government | E-Participation | E-Governance
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: SCOPUS
Journal of Information Technology Case and Application Research
Series/Report no.: 18(4)
Abstract: Extensive investments in e-government projects demand ample attention to the issue of their sustainability. Among the many factors that influence project sustainability, the role of project owner is critical. A project owner is a leader who steers the project toward sustainability. This role is examined here using a single in-depth case study as the research design. We present the case of Jhansi Jan Suvidha Kendra, a grievance redressal platform implemented in Jhansi (Uttar Pradesh, India), to highlight the multi-faceted role of a project owner in different phases of the project. The case analysis extends the existing research on project ownership in information systems projects, specifically in the context of large-scale e-government projects, in two ways. First, the role of the project owner was found to be more important in the initial phases of an e-government project�conceptualization and implementation. Second, the project owner�s contribution in the institutionalization of an e-government project was found to be significantly high. Involving citizens in project conceptualization and implementation, empowering citizens to monitor project performance, and incentivizing key stakeholders have been identified as three key mechanisms in aiding such institutionalization and hence, enhancing sustainability of e-government projects. � 2016, � 2016 Ambuj Anand, Priya Seetharaman, and Sanjiv D. Vaidya.
Description: Anand, Ambuj, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Kolkata, India; Seetharaman, Priya, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Kolkata, India; Vaidya, Sanjiv D., Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Kolkata, India
ISSN/ISBN - 15228053
DOI - 10.1080/15228053.2016.1255485
Appears in Collections:Management Information Systems

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