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dc.contributor.authorBannerjee, Ananya
dc.contributor.authorBasak, Jayanta
dc.contributor.authorRoy, Siuli
dc.contributor.authorBandyopadhyay, Somprakash
dc.descriptionAnanya Banerjee, Narula Institute of Technology, Serampore, India; Jayanta Basak, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Calcutta, India; Siuli Roy, Heritage Institute of Technology, Calcutta, India; Somprakash Bandyopadhyay, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Calcutta, India
dc.descriptionDOI - DOI: 10.4018/IJISCRAM.2016010104
dc.description.abstractGetting the right information at the right time and place is the key for efficient disaster management. Various mobile and web applications are now being used for collecting situational information in digital form, assessing damage, coordinating relief operations and offering different location based services to the affected communities during disaster management. This article provides a thorough investigation on popular web-based and mobile applications currently being used in different countries. Subsequently, the taxonomy of essential services needed for systematic and coordinated disaster management is formulated based on literature review and the authors� interaction with different stakeholders. An outline of a collaborative disaster management service framework is then proposed with the facility of interaction for the stakeholders through their mobile phones to avail the services in different phases of a disaster. A basic version of this framework is implemented to evaluate its effectiveness as a provider of significant actionable information to offer responsive services
dc.publisherInternational Journal of Informtion Systems for Crisis Response and Management
dc.subjectDamage Assessment
dc.subjectDecision Support System
dc.subjectDisaster Management Services
dc.subjectMobile Applications
dc.subjectNeed Assessment
dc.subjectPost-Disaster Situation Analysis
dc.subjectWeb Applications
dc.titleTowards a Collaborative Disaster Management Service Framework using mobile and web applications : A survey and future scope
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