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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Wage employment: Impact of MGNREGS in Bardhaman, West BengalAbraham, Biju Paul; Chakrabarti, Bhaskar; Chattopadhyay, Raghabendra; Nath, Suman
1985-06Waiting Line Analysis in Decision MakingLingaraj, B. P.
2023-04-18Want to experience MBA life? IIM Udaipur launches first-of-its-kind summer programmeIndia Today
2015-07-29We are currently incubating three social enterprisesThe Hindu Business Line
2014-06‘We don’t see who exactly run the state, do we?’: the state’s role in governance: insights from the jute sector of BangladeshAlamgir, Fahreen
2013-12Wealth creation through acquisitionsLeepsa, N. M.; Mishra, Chandra Sekhar
2012Wealth EffectsBose, Amitava
2022-11-02Weaponisation of everything...': Jaishankar flags change in world affairs amid Ukraine conflictThe Times of India
2016WebSelect : A Research Prototype for Optimizing Ad Exposures based on Network StructureGhosh, Avijit; Gupta, Agam; Sharma, Divya; Sarkar, Uttam Kumar
2023-05Well-connected directors: When do they really matter?Kalia, Deepali
2023-03What ails physician review websites? A study of information needs of patientsGhosh, Soham; Chakraborty, Soumyakanti; Gupta, Narain; Basu, Sumanta
1986-09What Ails The Indian Police To-dayRoy, B. K.
2013What are bottom of the pyramid markets and why do they matter?Mason, Katy; Chakrabarti, Ronika; Singh, Ramendra
1976-05What are The Characteristic of an Effective Management Development Programme?Baumgartel, Howard; Sullivan, George; Dunn, Luther
2014-12What determines intensity of technology orientation? A study of manufacturing organizations with firm-level dataSharma, Supran Kumar; Sharma, Jyoti
2019What do hotel customers complain about? Text analysis using structural topic modelHu, Nan; Zhang, Ting; Gao, Baojun; Bose, Indranil
2016What do MBA students think of teacher evaluations?Bhattacherjee, Debashish; Ravishankar, K.V.
2016-03What drives fund flows to index ETFs and mutual funds? A panel analysis of funds in IndiaNarend, S.; Thenmozhi, M.
2012What drives Indian consumer credit card loyalty? The perspective of involvement in reward programmesLiu, Matthew Tingchi; Brock, James L.; Singh, Ramendra; Chu, Rongwei; Sy-Changco, Joseph A.
2015What Drives Overseas Acquisitions by Indian Firms? A Behavioral Risk-Taking PerspectiveChittoor, Raveendra; Aulakh, Preet S.; Ray, Sougata