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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Rabbit or tortoise? Rethinking customer acquisition at dravya bankVallurupalli, Vamsi; Bose, Indranil
2019-11-04Rabindra Bharati University Students Visited B.C. Roy Memorial Library (4th November, 2019)B.C. Roy Memorial Library
2004Radio resource management in mobile cellular networksMandal, Swarup; Mohanti, Ambuj (Supervisor); Saha, Debashis (Supervisor)
1989Rail freight and regional inter-dependence : a study based on commodity flows in IndiaGianchandani, Deepak; Chakraborty, Satyesh (Supervisor)
2012Raising Service Levels by Network DesignNag, Bodhibrata
2015-06-21Ram Guha chosen for top Japanese awardThe Times of India
1984Random insertions in trees and related topicsPal, Asim Kumar; Bagchi, Amitava (Supervisor)
2018Randomization-based casual inference from splitplot designsZhao, Anqi; Ding, Peng; Mukerjee, Rahul; Dasgupta, Tirthankar
2018Randomization-based causal inference from split-plot designsZhao, Anqi; Ding, Peng; Mukerjee, Rahul; Dasgupta, Tirthankar
2018-12Range effect on extremeness aversionPadamwar, Pravesh Kumar; Dawra, Jagrook; Kalakbandi, Vinay Kumar
2013-02-01A Ranking Algorithm for Online Social Network SearchSharma, Divya; Dasgupta, Parthasarathi; Saha, Debashis
2020-06Ranking of perceived risks in online shoppingGuru, Sunita; Nenavani, Jitendra; Patel, Vipul; Bhatt, Nityesh
-Rating AgenciesBabu, Ravindran Rajesh
2014-06-01Rating AgenciesBabu, Ravindran Rajesh
2020-08Rational Expectations in a PandemicBhattacharya, Ayan
2020Rationales of gender diversity management policies and practices in India: an exploratory empirical study in the Indian IT/ITeS industryChakraborty, Shreyashi; Chatterjee, Leena
2019Raw materials management for time dependent supply chain networkChatterjee, Ayan; Rong, Mahendra
2015Re-centering Class in Critical Theory: A Tribute to Stephen A. Resnick (1938-2013)Bhattacharya, Rajesh; Seda-Irizarry, Ian J.
2011Re-introduction of pharmaceuticals product patent protection and pharmaceutical industry in IndiaChaudhuri, Sudip
-Re-study of Motor Vehicle Repair Shops in KolkataShaw, Annapurna