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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-11-01Gaining International Acquisition ExperienceVenkateswaran, Ramya T
2018GALAXY Leather: Organising Processes for sustaining growthP, Nimruji
1989-03Game Theoretic Approach to Single Sampling Plans by AttributesDey, B. R.
2024-01Gaming Immersive Tech, and AISingh, Mayank
2010-04GARCH family Models under Varying InnovationsAndoh, Charles
1982-07Gearing - Its Effect on Inflation AccountingMajumdar, D.
2023-09Gender Budgeting: Bridging the Gender Gulf and Espousing Inclusive DevelopmentSinha, Akinchan Buddhodev
2015Gender-based crime and gender inequality in India: A subnational analysisSharma, Paribhasha
2020-09Gender-based differences in consumer decision-making styles: implications for marketersMehta, Ritu
2016Gender-based violence against women and governance : the case of KolkataSharma, Paribhasa Kumari; Shaw, Annapurna (Supervisor)
2013-11General equilibrium analysis of trade and environment under alternative market structure: a computable general equilibrium study for IndiaDas, Koushik; Chakraborti, Pinaki
2014-10-01Generalized joint replenishment model for multi-retailer scenario under VMIVerma, Nishant Kumar; Chatterjee, Ashis K
2016Generating designers' knowledge artifacts as actual protocols in the design processPark, Jaehyun; Hodigere, Renuka
2007Generating happiness at workplace for optimal performancePrasad, Rajiv; Sengupta, Sunita Singh (Supervisor)
2023Generating value by selling Steel: TATA TISCON traverses the liberalization discontinuity (Part A)Saha, Biswatosh; Pratap, Sankalp
2023Generating value by selling Steel: TATA TISCON traverses the liberalization discontinuity (Part B)Saha, Biswatosh; Pratap, Sankalp
-Genetic Algorithm Approach for Railroad Service Network Design ProblemNag, Bodhibrata
2021GIG Workers in The Platform Economy: The Case of App-Based Cab Companies In IndiaShalini; Bathini, Dharma Raju (Supervisor)
1991-12Global And Indian Oil Scenario: Need for Long Range PerspectiveSahu, K. C.
2024-03-04Global B-School Rankings 2024Youth Incorporated