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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019E-government in IndiaDe’, Rahul
2019-06-14E-resources (selective) Training Programme (4th August, 2019)B.C. Roy Memorial Library
2019-08-11E-resources (selective) Training Programme (11th August, 2019)B.C. Roy Memorial Library
2021-12E-Rupee!Chakrabarti, Binay Bhushan
2011Earning capacity, efficiency and poverty: A study on rural West Bengal and OrissaMajumder, Amita; Neogi, Chiranjib; Chakrabarty, Manisha
2024-01-11Earning IIM, IIT credits via free e-courses a hitIyer, Malathy; The Times of India
-Earnings Quality in India Engaging Farmers, Enriching Knowledge: Agropedia Phase - IISen, Purusottam; Sarkar, Runa
2019-11-26EBSCO Training Programme & Quiz Contest (26 November, 2019)Mahapatra, Raj Kumar
1996-12Econometric Analysis of the Capital Structure DeterminantsKakani, Ram Kumar; Reddy, V. N.
2015-06Economic growth versus climate balancing: some reflections on the sustainable management of forest resource in IndiaBanerjee, Sarmila; Bit, Jayita
2001-12Economic Liberalization Is Not Industry Deregulation: Implications and Agenda for Strategy Research in Liberalizing EconomicsRay, Sougata
2022-03Economic models of price competition between traditional and online retailing under showroomingMitra, Subrata
1981-10Economic Motivation & Repayment Behavior of Agricultural Credit UsersSamanta, R. K.; Ray, G. L.
2023-05Economic policy uncertainty and incentive to smooth earningsChauhan, Yogesh; Jaiswall, Manju
2009Economic Rationality in Joint Forest Management: A Saga of the Bankura (North) Division, West BengalDeb, Sudeep Budhaditya
1998-12Economic Reforms: Unaimed Opulence or Sustainable Growth?Sinha, Anup
1991-12Economic Restructuring And Labour Markets: Untouched AgendaMathur, Ajeet N.
2000-12Economic Value Added : In Search of RelevanceBhattacharyya, Asish K.; Phani, B. V.
2020-03Economics of cropping system intensification for small-holder farmers in coastal salt-affected areas in West Bengal: options, challenges and determinantsMandal, Subhasis; Maji, B.; Sarangi, S. K.; Mahanta, K. K.; Mandal, U. K.; Burman, D.; Digar, S.; Mainuddin, M.; Sharma, P. C.
2018Economics of Sustainable DevelopmentSarkar, Runa; Sinha, Anup