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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-09The damages of negative information: illustration from two marketsNayer, Dana; Rosenboim, Mosi; Malul, Miki
2016-11-01Data Analytics in Quantum Paradigm – An IntroductionMaitra, Arpita; Maitra, Subhamoy; Pal, Asim K
2017Data analytics in quantum paradigm: An introductionMaitra, Arpita; Maitra, Subhamoy; Pal, Asim Kumar
2022Data Driven Governance: an intersection of Data Science and Public PolicyMehrotra, Shreya
2020Data envelopment analysis in hierarchical category structure with fuzzy boundariesPandey, Utsav; Singh, Sanjeet
2001-12Data Mining for Customer Relationship ManagementKharbanda, Vikas; Dasgupta, Parthasarathi
2012Data mining framework for customer lifetime value-based segmentationAeron, Harsha; Kumar, Ashwani.; Moorthy, Janakiraman
2013Data-dependent probability matching priors for likelihood ratio and adjusted likelihood ratio statisticsChang, Inhong; Mukerjee, Rahul
1992-06Day of The Week Patterns In The Indian Stock MarketBroca, Dilbagh
1974-04DCF Techniques : Problems and ProspectsRao, Krishna N.
2013DEA models and methods for efficiency improvement under constant sum of inputs or outputsMajumder, Surya Sarathi; Singha, Sanjeet (Supervisor)
2012DEAHP Approach for Manpower Performance EvaluationSingh, Sanjeet; Aggarwal, Remica
2014DEAHP Approach for Manpower Performance EvaluationSingh, Sanjeet P.; Aggarwal, Remica
2016Deal breaker or the protector of interests of developing countries? India’s negotiating stance in WTOPal, Parthapratim
2010-12Debt in the Indian Corporate Sector: Its effects on firm strategy and performanceMajumdar, Sumit K.; Sen, Kunal
2013Decentralisation and the Politics of Water Allocation in West BengalChakrabarti, Bhaskar
1985-12Decision analysis in management of water resources for agricultural developmentDas, Bhaskar
2018Decision framework for selecting last mile delivery performance in Indian e-commerce companiesDatta, Partha Priya
2011-12-01Decision making framework for investments in oil industry: An application of Real OptionsBanerjee, Ashok; Chatterjee, Soubhik; Garg, Brij Bhushan
2017Decision making in the WTO: From negotiated law-making to judicial law-makingBabu, Ravindran Rajesh