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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Alternative Organisations in India: Undoing BoundariesVijay, Devi; Varman, Rohit
-Assessing Quality and Outcomes in a community form of palliative care delivery in Kerala, IndiaVijay, Devi
-Community-Based Organizing for Palliative Care in Nadia, West Bengal: Examining Translation ProcessesVijay, Devi
2022-02The Conflicting Conventions of Care: Transformative Service as Justice and AgapeVarman, Rohit; Vijay, Devi; Skålén, Per
2018Dispossessing vulnerable consumers: Derealization, desubjectification, and violenceVarman, Rohit; Vijay, Devi
2019-06Editorial - Introduction to the special issue: changing nature of work and organizations in IndiaVijay, Devi
-Institutional Change in the Healthcare Field in IndiaVijay, Devi
2017Institutional discourses and ascribed disability identitiesKulkarni, Mukta V.; Gopakumar, K. V.; Vijay, Devi
2018Introduction: Undoing boundariesVijay, Devi; Varman, Rohit
2014Lessons from project Sanjeevani: Translating Kerala's Community Based Form of Organising for Palliative care to West BengalVijay, Devi
2020Logic Conflicts in Community-Based Palliative CareVijay, Devi; Whitelaw, Sandy; Clark, David
-Organizing for Durga Puja: Examining markets of production and consumptionVijay, Devi
2018Poisedness for social innovation: The genesis and propagation of communitybased palliative care in Kerala (India)Vijay, Devi; Monin, Philippe
2018Scripting alternative images: Institutions, practices and scripts of the mritshilpis of kumortuliVijay, Devi
2018The precarity of respectable consumption: normalising sexual violence against womenVarman, Rohit; Goswami, Paromita; Vijay, Devi
2018The Sabar Shouchagar Project (toilets for everyone): making Nadia District the first open-defecation-free district in IndiaVijay, Devi; Ghosh, Debabrata
2018Translation of a community palliative care intervention: Experience from West Bengal, India [version 1; referees: 2 approved, 1 approved with reservations]Vijay, Devi; Zaman, Shahaduz; Clark, David
2020With the margins: Writing subaltern resistance and social transformationVijay, Devi; Gupta, Shalini; Kaushiva, Pavni