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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A hybrid approach for supplier selection based on revised data envelopment analytic hierarchy processAggarwal, Remica; Singh, Sanjeet P.
2015A new method to solve bi-level quadratic linear fractional programming problemsSingh, Sanjeet P.; Haldar, Nivedita
2011An alternative approach to solve quadratic programming problem with homogeneous constraintsKhurana, Archana; Singh, Sanjeet P.; Arora, Shalini R.
2012An approach to solve bilevel quadratic-linear programming problemsSingh, Sanjeet P.
2014DEAHP Approach for Manpower Performance EvaluationSingh, Sanjeet P.; Aggarwal, Remica
2018Efficiency analysis of non-homogeneous parallel sub-unit systems for the performance measurement of higher educationSingh, Sanjeet P.; Ranjan, Prabhat
2014Efficiency improvement strategy under constant sum of inputsSingh, Sanjeet P.; Majumdar, Surya Sarathi
2016Evaluation of world's largest social welfare scheme: An assessment using non-parametric approachSingh, Sanjeet P.
2016Input/output weight restrictions, CSOI constraint and efficiency improvementSingh, Sanjeet P.; Majumdar, Surya Sarathi
2018Intuitionistic fuzzy dea/ar and its application to flexible manufacturing systemsSingh, Sanjeet P.
2015Network DEA efficiency improvement under constant sum of inputs/outputsSingh, Sanjeet P.; Majumdar, Surya Sarathi
2018Offshore manufacturing contract design based on transfer price considering green tax: a bilevel programming approachSingh, Sanjeet P.; Haldar, Nivedita; Bhattacharya, Anindya
2011On multiparametric analysis in generalized transportation problemsSingh, Sanjeet P.; Gupta, Pankaj; Vlach, Milan
2020System efficiency evaluation of homogeneous parallel production systems: An aggregation approachRanjan, Prabhat; Singh, Sanjeet P.