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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A new conceptualization of salesperson's customer orientation: Propositions and implicationsSingh, Ramendra; Koshy, Abraham
2020A qualitative study to understand the factors affecting the adoption of glass fiber-reinforced gypsum (GFRG) as a sustainable building technology: insights from Indian construction industryGarg, Ruchi; Chhikara, Ritu; Singh, Ramendra; Agrawal, Gautam; Talwar, Vishal; Mehra, Vedant
2020A road less traveled in nostalgia marketing: impact of spiritual well-being on effects of nostalgic advertisementsSingh, Ramendra; Sharma, Yukti; Kumar, Jitender
2019AGROY: creating value through smart farmingSingh, Ramendra; Kumar, Jitender; Nayak, Avilash K.
2011An Empirical investigation of the Strategic Use of CSR in Top 200 Indian CorporationsSingh, Ramendra; Agarwal, S.
2011An exploratory investigation into the hierarchical linkages between salespersons' sales call activities and customers' psychosocial benefits and terminal valuesSingh, Ramendra
-An Observational Study of Urban Slum DwellersSingh, Ramendra
2016Apple’s i-phone 5C in the Indian Market - A Product Positioning FailureSingh, Ramendra; Mukherjee, Srabanti; Das, Gopal
2018‘I show off, so I am well off’: Subjective economic well-being and conspicuous consumption in an emerging economyJaikumar, Saravana; Singh, Ramendra; Sarin, Ankur
2017BOP Research meets Macromarketing : Content Analysis of BOP related Research in the Journal of MacromarketingSingh, Ramendra; Bharadwaj, Apoorva
2017-03BOP research meets macromarketing: content analysis of BOP-related research in the Journal of MacromarketingSingh, Ramendra; Bharadwaj, Apoorva
2012Bringing "social" into sales: The impact of salespeople's social media use on service behaviors and value creationAgnihotri, Raj; Kothandaraman, Prabakar; Kashyap, Rajiv K.; Singh, Ramendra
2019Buchuk: Discovering the Future of Automatic CookingSingh, Ramendra; Rao, Menaka
2020CALCUTTA 64: An Entrepreneur’s Journey to SuccessSingh, Ramendra; Rao, Maneka
2014Case study 13: Marketing the $35 Akash tabletSingh, Ramendra; Roy, Sanjit Kumar
2013Cases in Business MarketingPaliwal, Pramod; Singh, Ramendra; Yadav, Sudhir
2021-09Conflict-induced entrepreneurial resilience, self-efficacy and the new social compact: a study of BoP microentrepreneurs in conflict zonesSingh, Ramendra; Wani, Tahir; Ali, Saiyed Wajid; Khare, Apoorv
2022Consumer Behavior During a Pandemic: A Rural versus Urban ComparisonSingh, Ramendra; Das, Gopal; Jain, Tanisha
2013-06-01Corporate Social Responsibility for Social Impact: Approach to Measure Social Impact using CSR Impact IndexSingh, Ramendra; Agarwal, Sharad
2014Corporate social responsibility in emerging markets: Corporate India’s Engagement with local communitiesSingh, Ramendra; Agarwal, Sharad