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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A Partitioned Stochastic Search Algorithm: Application to Multi-unit Winner Determination Problem in Combinatorial AuctionSen, Anup Kumar; Singh, RaJ Jog; Sarkar, Uttam Kumar
2014Application of graph search and genetic algorithms for the single machine scheduling problem with sequence-dependent setup times and quadratic penalty function of completion timesKodaganallur, Viswanathan; Sen, Anup Kumar; Mitra, Subrata
2012Combinatorial auctions for player selection in the indian premier league (IPL)Chakraborty, Soumyakanti; Sen, Anup Kumar; Bagchi, Amitava
2014Correction of data-Flow errors in workflowsSharma, Divya; Pinjala, Srujana; Sen, Anup Kumar
2020Designing information feedback for bidders in multi-item multi-unit combinatorial auctionsSen, Anup Kumar; Bagchi, Amitava; Chakraborty, Soumyakanti
2014Experimenting with proxy agents in online combinatorial auctionsChakraborty, Soumyakanti; Sen, Anup Kumar; Bagchi, Amitava
2014How much to bid on a package in an online multi-unit combinatorial auctionSen, Anup Kumar; Bagchi, Amitava
2014Incremental solutions to online multi-unit combinatorial auctions for information feedbackRamanathan, Sivaraman; Kasinathan, Avinash; Sen, Anup Kumar
2012Providing information feedback to bidders in online multi-unit combinatorial auctionsSen, Anup Kumar; Bagchi, Amitava
2011Semantic Notions of Weakly Correct AND/OR Business Workflows based on Partial SynchronizationKumar, Akhil; Sen, Anup Kumar; Sundari, Meda H.; Bagchi, Amitava
2011Stochastic Greedy Algorithms: A Learning-Based Approach to Combinatorial OptimizationViswanathan, Viswa; Sen, Anup Kumar; Chakraborty, Soumyakanti