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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A Fuzzy Logic Based Approach to Assess Sustainable Development of the Mining and Minerals SectorKommadath, Basanth; Sarkar, Runa; Rath, Binayak
2011Agropedia - A knowledge management platform for AgrivultureSarkar, Runa
2024-01AI in Education: a reasoned speculationSarkar, Runa; Sinha, Anup Kumar
2015Another Development : Participation Empowerment and Well-being in Rural IndiaSarkar, Runa; Sinha, Anup Kumar
2018-06Book review - Conflicts of interest: my journey through India’s Green MovementSarkar, Runa
2013-11Book review - Encircling the seamless: India, climate change and the global commonsSarkar, Runa
2017Business Institutions and the EnvironmentSarkar, Runa
2021-06-30Climate change: Basel must meet Paris.Sarkar, Runa; Ray, Partha; Financial Express
2005Corporate environmental behaviour : a comparative study of two industries in IndiaSarkar, Runa; Sen, Anindya (Supervisor); Sengupta, Ramprasad (Supervisor)
-Development Project as Temporary Organizations: Lessons in Inclusion and EmpowermentSinha, Anup K; Sarkar, Runa
-Earnings Quality in India Engaging Farmers, Enriching Knowledge: Agropedia Phase - IISen, Purusottam; Sarkar, Runa
2018Economics of Sustainable DevelopmentSarkar, Runa; Sinha, Anup
2015Editorial: Food water energy for allSarkar, Runa; Shrivastava, Paul
2015-06Editorial: Food water energy for allSarkar, Runa; Shrivastava, Paul
2010-08Effects of Futures Markets on Agricultural CommoditiesSarkar, Runa
-Engaging Farmers, Enriching Knowledge: Agropedia - Phase IISarkar, Runa
2017Essays on Sustainability and Management : Emerging PerspectivesSarkar, Runa; Shaw, Annapurna
2010-11-01Inclusive development and temporary organizations: Field notes from a changing landscapeSarkar, Runa
2010-11-01Leveraging Social Capital to Transform Communities of Practice into Digital Knowledge Networks: Theoretical Insights and ExperiencesSarkar, Runa
2001-06Review - Environmental EconomicsSarkar, Runa