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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A novel enhancement of TCP for on-board IP networks with wireless cellular connectivitySardar, Bhaskar; Saha, Debashish; Hassan, Mahbub
2014An extension of on-board TCP (obTCP) for satellite-terrestrial hybrid networksGhosh, Shankar Kumar; Kundu, Palash; Sardar, Bhaskar; Saha, Debashish
2018Effect of mode-switching on TCP short flows during D2D communication in LTE-A networksBhattacharyya, Abhijan; Sardar, Bhaskar; Saha, Debashish
2011-03-01Efficient Management of Fast Handoff in Wireless Network Mobility (NEMO)Mitra, Avik; Sardar, Bhaskar; Saha, Debashis
2012-04-01An Enhanced NEMO Protocol for Efficiently Managing both Handoff Performance and Route Optimization in Mobile NetworksMitra, Avik; Sardar, Bhaskar; Saha, Debashis
2013Fast and Route Optimized NEMO (FRONEMO): A proposal to improve handoff performance in network mobilityMitra, Avik; Sardar, Bhaskar; Saha, Debashish
2019Finding Practicable Nesting Level in Multi-level Nested Mobile NetworksKundu, Palash; Rana, Manoj Kumar; Sardar, Bhaskar; Saha, Debashish
2020Impact on V2V VoIP Traffic between to ProSe-enabled End-points while Switching between Infrastructure Mode and Direct ModeBhattacharyya, Abhijan; Sardar, Bhaskar; Saha, Debashish
2017Implementation and performance evaluation of a mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) simulation model for ns-3Rana, Manoj Kumar; Sardar, Bhaskar; Mandal, Swarup; Saha, Debashish
2010-01-01A New Protocol to improve TCP Performance in Network MobilitySardar, Bhaskar; Saha, Debashis; Hassan, Mahbub
2013Performance analysis of Basic Support Protocol (BSP) in nested Network Mobility (NeNEMO)Sardar, Bhaskar; Saha, Debashish
2011Why NEMO protocols do not pre-fetch more than one CoA?Mitra, Avik; Sardar, Bhaskar; Saha, Debashish