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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-01-01An Aadhaar-based Mobile Money Framework for Financial Inclusion in IndiaRathod, Saikumar; Prasad Arelli, Shiva Krishna; Saha, Debashis
2009-09-01Developing Services for Rural IndiaGuha, Joydeep; Saha, Debashis; Chakrabarti, Bhaskar
2012-07-01Dual-homing of RNCs in UMTS NetworksSadhukhan, Samir K; Mandal, Swarup; Saha, Debashis
2011-03-01Efficient Management of Fast Handoff in Wireless Network Mobility (NEMO)Mitra, Avik; Sardar, Bhaskar; Saha, Debashis
2010-09-01Efficient Management of Lightpaths in WDM Optical Networks Employing Multiple Wavelengths Concurrently during SetupSengupta, Malabika; Mondal, Swapan Kumar; Saha, Debashis
2012-04-01An Enhanced NEMO Protocol for Efficiently Managing both Handoff Performance and Route Optimization in Mobile NetworksMitra, Avik; Sardar, Bhaskar; Saha, Debashis
2019-12Examining categorization of Telecom Circles in India using unsupervised k-means clustering on techno-economic indicatorsJha, Ashutosh; Saha, Debashis
2013-10-01A graph-based scheme for Brand Promotion in Social Media Platforms using Influencer nodesSharma, Divya; Saha, Debashis; Dasgupta, Parthasarathi
2008-02-01A Hierarchical Mobility Management Technique for Wireless Cellular NetworksSaha, Debashis
2021-10Impact of national e-participation levels on inclusive human development and environmental performance: The mediating role of corruption controlSilal, Prakrit; Saha, Debashis
2005-06Insurance for Cuber-risk: A Utility ModelMukhopadhyay, Arunabha; Saha, Debashis; Chakrabarti, B. B; Mahanti, Ambuj; Podder, Asok
2009-07-01Managing Node Collaboration Effectively in Multihop Wireless Sensor Networks for Efficient Data RoutingGupta, Saurabh; Khan, Arijit; Saha, Debashis
2009-08-01A Markov-based Diurnal Mobility Model for 3G Cellular NetworksSadhukhan, Samir K; Mandal, Swarup; Bhaumik, Partha; Saha, Debashis
2010-01-01A New Protocol to improve TCP Performance in Network MobilitySardar, Bhaskar; Saha, Debashis; Hassan, Mahbub
2009-11-01A New Scheme for Efficiently Managing Call Admissions in 3G/WLAN Mixed CellsSaha, Debashis; Mishra, Iti Saha; Khara, Sibaram
2010-08-01Novel Approach for Solving Multi-objective Optimization Problems: A Case of VLSI Thermal PlacementRoy, Ram Babu; Saha, Debashis; Dasgupta, Parthasarathi
2015-06-01Offering fourth generation (4G) mobile services in India: a techno-economic assessment from the operators’ perspectiveJha, Ashutosh; Saha, Debashis
2008-02-01Pricing Telecom Infrastructure in a Monopolistic Market: A Novel NPV-based ApproachSaha, Debashis; Banerjee, Ashok
2011-09-01Queuing theory based Delay Analysis for Dual-homed UMTS NetworksSadhukhan, Samir K; Mandal, Swarup; Orea, Kanika; Saha, Debashis
2013-02-01A Ranking Algorithm for Online Social Network SearchSharma, Divya; Dasgupta, Parthasarathi; Saha, Debashis