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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A Journey of Transformation: Century Textile Industries Limited – Cement DivisionRay, Partha; Rao, Maneka
2015-02-01The Ascent and Decline of Reservation in Indian Small Scale Industries: Evolution of the Policy EnvironmentSen, Anindya; Ray, Partha
2014-03Book review - Catch up: developing countries in the world economyRay, Partha
2020China-bashing and Post-COVID-19 narrative: A reality checkAbraham, Biju Paul; Nag, Biswajit; Ray, Partha
2020-03Cryptocurrency and Indian Regulatory Environment: Generation Gap or Central Bank Dharma?Ray, Partha; Roy, Soumik
2020Demonetization and digital payments in India: perception and realityChakrabarty, Manisha; Jha, Ashutosh; Ray, Partha
2012Does Developing Asia Save More? Evidence from a Panel of High Saving Nations in AsiaDas, Sibabrata; Ray, Partha
2020Does electronic trading influence stock prices? The Indian experienceMadhavan, Vinodh; Mukhopadhyay, Ishita; Ray, Partha
2016-07-01Efficiency of Indian ADRs and their underlying stocks: An Adaptive Market Perspective from Nonlinear ModelsMadhavan, Vinodh; Ray, Partha
2019-11Fault Lines in Global Financial Stability: Reading the Global Financial Stability Report of October 2019Ray, Partha
2020Financial sector in the budget: Skating on thin ice?Ray, Partha; Pal, Parthapratim
2014Financial sector, monetary policy and budget 2014Ray, Partha
2014-02-01How Far is Mumbai from Luxemburg and London? : Price and Volatility Linkages between Indian GDRs and Their Underlying Domestic SharesMadhavan, Vinodh; Ray, Partha
2019How much of RBI's profit transfer is enough reading the Jalan committee reportRay, Partha; Banerjee, Ashok
2019India's external commercial borrowing: Pulled by domestic fundamentals or pushed by global conditions?Sur, Abhisek; Ray, Partha; Nandy, Amarendu
2019Indian Monetary Policy in the Time of Inflation Targeting and DemonetizationMohan, Rakesh; Ray, Partha
2019Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in India: A reality checkRay, Partha
2018IntroductionRay, Partha; Azad, Rohit
2016IntroductionGhosh, Saibal; Ray, Partha
2017IntroductionGhosh, Saibal; Ray, Partha