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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-A Study of Theoretical Frameworks from Critical Humanities to Develop New Communication Frameworks for Management PractitionersBharadwaj, Apoorva; Rath, Pragyan
2013Branding of the Shield of Achilles: Rhetoric as Mediated ContextRath, Pragyan
-Case Study on Accenture animal poster ads of 2010: Use of Visual Arts in Commercial Visual CommunicationRath, Pragyan
2022-10Director's message & Chairperson's addressSarkar, Utam Kumar; Rath, Pragyan
2018Empowerment through Communication in Shakespeare’s Lucrece: Transitioning from Economic to Artistic TransactionsRath, Pragyan
2013From Busch to Thums-Up: The Global InterchangeRath, Pragyan
2016Keeping up with the finishing school myth: The role of communication in contemporary Indian management educationRath, Pragyan
-Pre-empting Market Trends through Narratives: Corporate Communications in a Competitive MarketRath, Pragyan
2011'Social issue is business issue': The new agenda of lattice 2010Rath, Pragyan
2019Supplanting critical discourse with mute narratology in Indian commercials: Framing new communications for emerging markets: Supplanting critical discourse with mute narratology in commercialsRath, Pragyan; Bharadwaj, Apoorva
2011The "I" and the "Eye": The Verbal and the Visual in Post-Renaissance Western AestheticsRath, Pragyan
2014The Modern Indian Middle Class Housewife and Her washing powder: Deconstructing symbolic ideology in contemporary communication strategy in advertising: The case of Nirma and WheelRath, Pragyan; Bharadwaj, Apoorva
2013The Orator of Habitas: The New Mark Anthony of Communication StrategyRath, Pragyan
2019The return of the Visual : Evolution of Aesthetics in the Nineteenth CenturyRath, Pragyan