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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018An Analytical Modelling Approach for Assessing the Impact of Competition on a Homogenous Product Firm’s Investment Decision in InnovationAdhikari, Arnab; Paul, Samit
2022-04Climate Action and Indian Steel Sector: Commitment at COP26 Glasgow 2021Paul, Samit
2020-08COVID-19 and Education in IndiaPaul, Samit
2021-11Financing models for an online seller with performance risk in an E-commerce marketplaceRath, Sambit Brata; Basu, Preetam; Mandal, Prasenjit; Paul, Samit
2020Idiosyncrasies of Intraday Risk in Emerging and Developed Markets: Efficacy of the MCS-GARCH Model and Extreme Value TheoryBanerjee, Aditya; Paul, Samit
2019Intraday portfolio risk management using VaR and CVaR:A CGARCH-EVT-Copula approachKarmakar, Madhusudan; Paul, Samit
2018Measuring impact of working capital efficiency on financial performance of a firm: An alternative approachPrasad, Punam; Sivasankaran, Narayanasamy; Paul, Samit; Kannadhasan, Manoharan
2018Quantile forecasts using the Realized GARCH-EVT approachPaul, Samit; Sharma, Prateek
-Readability of financial disclosures & earnings managementPaul, Samit
2018Relative efficiency of Component GARCH-EVT approach in managing intraday market riskPaul, Samit; Karmakar, Madhusudan
2018Review of literature on Working Capital Management and Future Research AgendaPrasad, Punam; Narayanasamy, Sivasankaran; Paul, Samit; Chattopadhyay, Subir; Saravanan, Palanisamy
2020-01Supply Chain Finance and Block chain: A Potential IntegrationPaul, Samit
2021-06To Short or Not to ShortPaul, Samit
2020What's in a name? A lot if it has “blockchain”Sharma, Prateek; Paul, Samit; Sharma, Swati
2022-09White knight in dark days? Supply chain finance firms, blockchain, and the COVID-19 pandemicPaul, Samit; Adhikari, Arnab; Bose, Indranil