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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A heuristic method for RCPSP with fuzzy activity timesBhaskar, Tarun; Pal, Manabendra N.; Pal, Asim Kumar
2014A policy-based security framework for storage and computation on enterprise data in the cloudDe, Sourya Joyee; Pal, Asim Kumar
2013Achieving correctness in fair rational secret sharingDe, Sourya Joyee; Pal, Asim Kumar
2013Achieving energy efficiency and security in mobile Cloud computingJoyee, De Sourya; Saha, Sourav; Pal, Asim Kumar
2013Auctions with rational adversaryDe, Sourya Joyee; Pal, Asim Kumar
2017Business: Do you wanna sell more? Discovering Topics, Sentiments and Prediction of RatingsNiyogi, Mitodru; Pal, Asim Kumar
2013Cloud-based privacy aware preference aggregation serviceDe, Sourya Joyee; Pal, Asim Kumar
2016Collaborative information service: Privacy algebra for user defined securityPal, Asim Kumar; Bose, Subrata; Maitra, Arpita
2016Collaborative information service: The security questionPal, Asim Kumar; Bose, Subrata
2014Competitive learning with pairwise constraints for textChakrabarti, Muktamala; Pal, Asim Kumar
2017Data analytics in quantum paradigm: An introductionMaitra, Arpita; Maitra, Subhamoy; Pal, Asim Kumar
2015Proposal for quantum rational secret sharingMaitra, Arpita; De, Sourya Joyee; Paul, Goutam; Pal, Asim Kumar
1984Random insertions in trees and related topicsPal, Asim Kumar; Bagchi, Amitava (Supervisor)
2014Should silence be heard? Fair rational secret sharing with silent and non-silent playersDe, Sourya Joyee; Ruj, Sushmita; Pal, Asim Kumar
2013Subject specific treatment to neural networks for repeated measures analysisMaity, Tanmay Kumar; Pal, Asim Kumar
2015Twitter and Financial marketsChakrabarti, Muktamala; Pal, Asim Kumar; Bannerjee, Ashok