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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A complementary set theory for quaternary code designsMukerjee, Rahul; Tang, Boxin
2011A Trigonometric approach to quaternary code designs with application to one-eighth and one-sixteenth fractionsZhang, Runchu; Phoa, Frederick K. H.; Mukerjee, Rahul; Xu, Hongquan
2017Algorithmic and analytical construction of efficient designs in small blocks for comparing consecutive pairs of treatmentsHuda, Shahariar; Mukerjee, Rahul
2014An unequal probability scheme for improving anonymity in shared key operationsBose, Mausumi; Mukerjee, Rahul
2016Approximate theory-aided robust efficient factorial fractions under baseline parametrizationMukerjee, Rahul; Huda, Shahariar
2019Causal inference from strip-plot designs in a potential outcomes frameworkAlqallaf, Fatemah A.; Huda, Shahariar; Mukerjee, Rahul
2017Central limit theorems for four new types of U-designsKong, Xiangshun; Ai, Mingyao; Mukerjee, Rahul
2020Construction of optimal fractional Order-of-Addition designs via block designsChen, Jianbin; Mukerjee, Rahul; Lin, Dennis K.J.
2013Data-dependent probability matching priors for likelihood ratio and adjusted likelihood ratio statisticsChang, Inhong; Mukerjee, Rahul
2019Design of order-of-addition experimentsPeng, Jiayu; Mukerjee, Rahul; Lin, Dennis K.J.
2012Development of Research in Experimental Design in IndiaDey, Aloke; Mukerjee, Rahul
2012Efficiency factors for natural contrasts in partially confounded factorial designsDey, Aloke; Mukerjee, Rahul
2013Highly efficient factorial designs for cDNA microarray experiments: Use of approximate theory together with a step-up step-down procedureZhang, Runchu; Mukerjee, Rahul
2013Key predistribution schemes for distributed sensor networks via block designsBose, Mausumi; Dey, Aloke; Mukerjee, Rahul
2013Minimum aberration designs for two-level factorials in N = 1 (MOD 4) runsZhang, Runchu; Mukerjee, Rahul
2014Miscellanea: Nearly orthogonal arrays mappable into fully orthogonal arraysMukerjee, Rahul; Sun, Fasheng; Tang, Boxin
2018Near-factorial experiments in nested row–column designs regulating efficienciesBose, Mausumi; Mukerjee, Rahul
2012On the approximate frequentist validity of the posterior quantiles of a parametric function: Results based on empirical and related likelihoodsChang, Inhong; Mukerjee, Rahul
2012On the paper "structure of some incomplete block designs" by Q.M. Hussain [Sankhya (1948), volume 8, pp. 381-383]Mukerjee, Rahul
2012One-eighth- and one-sixteenth-fraction quaternary code designs with high resolutionPhoa, Frederick Kin Hing; Mukerjee, Rahul; Xu, Hongquan