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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Advance Booking Discount: Equilibrium Strategies in Bayesian GamesMehta, Peeyush
-Advance Booking Discounts: Equilibrium Strategies in Bayesian GamesMehta, Peeyush
2020An experimental investigation of newsvendor decisions under ambiguityShinde, Abhishek; Mehta, Peeyush; Amit, R. K.
-Assessing the impact of blockchain on information asymmetry in supply chainMehta, Peeyush
-Assessment of Competitiveness of Hi-Tech Manufacturing Start Ups in IndiaMehta, Peeyush; Avittathur, Balram; Ghosh, Debabrata; Sarkar, Uttam K.
2011Efficiency analysis of relational contracts in three level supply chainsAmit, K.; Mehta, Peeyush; Deepak, D.
2013Evaluating outsourcing partners' capability: a case study from the pharmaceutical supply chainZhang, Min; Pawar, Kulwant S.; Shah, Janat; Mehta, Peeyush
2018Innovative Transport logistics in Shaping the Future of Supply ChainsMehta, Peeyush
2011Integrating operations and marketing decisions to manage product variety under stochastic demandKuthambalayana, Thyagaraj S.; Mehta, Peeyush; Shanker, Kripa
2015Managing product variety with advance selling and capacity restrictionsKuthambalayan, Thyagaraj S.; Mehta, Peeyush; Shanker, Kripa
2019Newsvendor models and biases under ambiguityMehta, Peeyush; Amit, R. K.
2015Optimal shelf-space stocking policy using stochastic dominance under supply-driven demand uncertaintyAmit, R. K.; Mehta, Peeyush; Tripathi, Rajeev R.
2015Structural mapping of public distribution system using multi-agent systemsAmbekar, Sudhir; Kapoor, Rohit; Mehta, Peeyush
2019Supply chain capabilities and competitiveness of high-tech manufacturing start-ups in IndiaGhosh, Debabrata; Mehta, Peeyush; Avittathur, Balram
2018Unlocking the potential of India's high-tech start-upsGhosh, Debabrata; Mehta, Peeyush; Avittathur, Balram; Sarkar, Uttam Kumar