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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A vendor-managed inventory scheme as a supply chain coordination mechanismChakraborty, Abhishek; Chatterjee, Ashis Kumar; Mateen, Arqum
2013Applying TOC thinking process tools in managing challenges of supply chain finance: A case studyMateen, Arqum; More, Dileep S.
2019Combating incumbency advantage of network effects: The role of entrant’s decisions and consumer preferencesGupta, Agam; Mateen, Arqum; Sharma, Divya; Sarkar, Uttam Kumar; Cheruvil Thomas, Vinu
2014Exploring the factors affecting sponsored search ad performanceGupta, Agam; Mateen, Arqum
2014Exploring the impact of service fee in VMI systems with price dependent demandChatterjee, Ashis Kumar; Mateen, Arqum
2015On the equivalence of some supply chain coordination modelsChatterjee, Ashis Kumar; Mateen, Arqum; Chakraborty, Abhishek
2014Perspectives on supply chain coordination through vendor managed inventoryMateen, Arqum; Chatterjee, Asish k. (Supervisor)
2018Relative power in supply chains – Impact on channel efficiency & contract designChakraborty, Abhishek; Mateen, Arqum; Chatterjee, Ashis Kumar; Haldar, Nivedita
2020-12Strategic selection of VMI replenishment policy with emission costs: an analytical approachMateen, Arqum; Srivastava, Abhishek; Chatterjee, Ashis Kumar
2012Suppliers selection and development using DEA: A case studyMore, Dileep S.; Mateen, Arqum
2016The economic and environmental benefits of VMI adoption in multi-retailer systemsMateen, Arqum; Chatterjee, Ashis Kumar
2015Vendor managed inventory for single-vendor multi-retailer supply chainsMateen, Arqum; Chatterjee, Ashis Kumar
2015VMI for single-vendor multi-retailer supply chains under stochastic demandMateen, Arqum; Chatterjee, Ashis Kumar; Mitra, Subrata