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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A formal analysis of fraud in banking sectorSaha, Partha; Mahanti, Ambuj; Chakrabarty, B.B.; Parameswaran, N.
2013A formal analysis of fraud in banking sectorSaha, Partha; Parameswaran, Nandan; Chakraborty, B.B.; Mahanti, Ambuj
2016A knowledge based scheme for risk assessment in loan processing by banksSaha, Partha; Bose, Indranil; Mahanti, Ambuj
2014A mobile banking model in the cloud for financial inclusion in IndiaGhosh, Amitava; De, Sourya Joyee; Mahanti, Ambuj
2014An information system for investment advisory processGhosh, Amitava; Mahanti, Ambuj
2013An M-Health for Smoking Cessation using Case-Based ReasoningMahanti, Ambuj; Saha, Sourav; Gharai, K.; Bakshi, A.; Ray, P.
2013An mHealth recommender for smoking cessation using case based reasoningGhorai, Koel; Saha, Sourav; Bakshi, Aishwarya; Mahanti, Ambuj; Ray, Pradeep K.
2012Cloud based HIMS: An Indian perspectiveSaha, Sourav; Mahanti, Ambuj
2012Cloud Computing in Indian Higher EducationGhosh, Amitava; Chakrabarty, Abhishek; Saha, Sourav; Mahanti, Ambuj
2012Collaborative Preference Elicitation based on Dynamic Peer RecommendationsMahanti, Ambuj; Saha, Sourav
2013Cyber-risk decision models: To insure IT or not?Mukhopadhyay, Arunabha; Chatterjee, Samir; Saha, Debashish; Mahanti, Ambuj; Sadhukhan, Samir K.
2013Development of Ontology Based Framework for Information Security StandardsSaha, Partha; Mahanti, Ambuj; Chakrabarty, B.B.; Navlani, Avinash
2010-04-01Drifting Preferences in Recommender SystemsSaha, Sourav; Majumdar, Sandip; Ray, Sanjog; Mahanti, Ambuj
2005-06Insurance for Cuber-risk: A Utility ModelMukhopadhyay, Arunabha; Saha, Debashis; Chakrabarti, B. B; Mahanti, Ambuj; Podder, Asok
2011Ontology based modeling for information security managementSaha, Partha; Parameswaran, Nandan; Ray, Pradeep K.; Mahanti, Ambuj
2013Ontology Based Multi Agent Modelling for Information Security MeasurementMahanti, Ambuj; Saha, Partha
-Real-Time Bidirectional Heuristic Search Using Pattern DatabasesMahanti, Ambuj
-Select Issues in Recommender SystemsMahanti, Ambuj
2011-08-01A Tale of Two Searches: Bidirectional Search Algorithm that Meets in the MiddleMahanti, Ambuj; Sadhukhan, Samir K; Ghosh, Supriyo
2012Trusting the Trusted: An Empirical AnalysisMahanti, Ambuj; Ray, Sanjog