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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Coverage and capacity dynamics in 4G-LTE deployment in IndiaJha, Ashutosh; Saha, Debashish
2018Dematerializing Academic Records in Digital India – An E-Governance Initiative of CDSLSaha, Debasish; Jha, Ashutosh
2020Demonetization and digital payments in India: perception and realityChakrabarty, Manisha; Jha, Ashutosh; Ray, Partha
2018Diffusion and forecast of mobile service generations in Germany, UK, France and Italy - A comparative analysis based on bass, Gompertz and simple logistic growth modelsJha, Ashutosh; Saha, Debashish
2019-12Examining categorization of Telecom Circles in India using unsupervised k-means clustering on techno-economic indicatorsJha, Ashutosh; Saha, Debashis
2020“Forecasting and analysing the characteristics of 3G and 4G mobile broadband diffusion in India: A comparative evaluation of Bass, Norton-Bass, Gompertz, and logistic growth models”Jha, Ashutosh; Saha, Debashish
2021-04Mobile Broadband for Inclusive Connectivity: What Deters the High-Capacity Deployment of 4G-LTE Innovation in India?Jha, Ashutosh; Saha, Debashis
2022-08Network Investment as Drivers of Mobile Subscription – A Firm‑level AnalysisJha, Ashutosh; Chakrabarty, Manisha; Saha, Debashis
2015-06-01Offering fourth generation (4G) mobile services in India: a techno-economic assessment from the operators’ perspectiveJha, Ashutosh; Saha, Debashis
2020Studies on Techno-Managerial Aspects in The Deployment of Next Generation Mobile Broadband ServicesJha, Ashutosh; Saha, Debashis (Supervisor)
2019Techno-commercial feasibility analysis of 4G mobile services in IndiaJha, Ashutosh; Saha, Debashish
2016Techno-economic assessment of the potential for LTE based 4G mobile services in rural IndiaJha, Ashutosh; Saha, Debashish
2017Techno-economics behind provisioning 4g lte mobile services over sub 1 ghz frequency bands: A case study for indian telecom circlesJha, Ashutosh; Saha, Debashish
2019Techno-managerial Considerations for 5G Deployment in IndiaJha, Ashutosh; Silal, Prakrit; Saha, Debashish
2017Why is 700 MHz band a good proposition for provisioning pan-India 4G LTE services?: A comparative techno-economic evaluation studyJha, Ashutosh; Saha, Debashish