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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Alphanumeric brand names for global branding: Does the alpha matter?Tripathi, Sanjeev; Jaikumar, Saravana; Guha, Abhijit
2018‘I show off, so I am well off’: Subjective economic well-being and conspicuous consumption in an emerging economyJaikumar, Saravana; Singh, Ramendra; Sarin, Ankur
2018-10-22Choosing Who To Buy From: Why User Reviews Are More Important Than Just A Low Price in E-CommerceJaikumar, Saravana; Retailtouchpoints Blog
2023Chowman: The Culinary Maestro from KolkataJaikumar, Saravana
2020Consuming beyond means: debt trap of conspicuous consumption in an emerging economyJaikumar, Saravana; Sharma, Yukti
2017Consumption, entrepreneurship and poverty alleviation : effects of social and human capitalSreekumar, Arun; Jaikumar, Saravana; Dutta, Shantanu; Viswanathan, Madhu
2020Digital access through smartphones and well-being of BoP women: insights from a field study in IndiaParthiban, Rishikesan; Jaikumar, Saravana; Basak, J.; Bandyopadhyay, Somprakash
2021-02Digitally mediated value creation for non-commodity base of the pyramid producersParthiban, Rishikesan; Qureshi, Israr; Bandyopadhyay, Somprakash; Jaikumar, Saravana
-Display Price and Seller Review Volume in Online Marketplaces: Behavioral and Eye Tracking InvestigationJaikumar, Saravana
2017Effect of demonetization in sussistence marketplaces : Understanding consumer and entrepreneurial behaviourSreekumar, Arun; Jaikumar, Saravana; Dutta, Shantanu; Viswanathan, Madhu
-Effects of pharmaceutical price regulation: Evidence from IndiaJaikumar, Saravana
2017Groups and teams: a review of bad apple behaviorJaikumar, Saravana; Mendonca, Avina J.
2019How do consumers choose sellers in E-marketplaces?: The role of display price and sellers’ review volumeJaikumar, Saravana
2019ICT enabled Institutional Entrepreneurship to Mainstream the marginalized : Insights from the Case of NextConnect in IndiaParthiban, Rishikesan; Bandyopadhyay, Somprakash; Jaikumar, Saravana
2017Impact of lifestyle diseases on consumption and role of insurance in an emerging economyJaikumar, Saravana; Dutta, Shantanu; Sood, N.; Narasimhan, O.
2020Leveraging ICT to Overcome Complementary Institutional Voids: Insights from Institutional Work by a Social Enterprise to Help MarginalizedParthiban, Rishikesan; Qureshi, Israr; Bandyopadhyay, Somprakash; Bhatt, Babita; Jaikumar, Saravana
2020Marketplace literacy education and coping behaviors among subsistence consumer - entrepreneurs during demonetization in IndiaViswanathan, Madhubalan; Jaikumar, Saravana; Sreekumar, Arun; Dutta, Shantanu
2017Quantitative Marketing and Marketing AnalyticsJaikumar, Saravana
2019-12Shareholders’ reaction to ethical image of sports teams: an event study in the Indian Premier LeagueJaikumar, Saravana; Pingali, Viswanath; Virmani, Vineet
2018Subsistence marketplaces bottom-up immersionJaikumar, Saravana