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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Assessment of Competitiveness of Hi-Tech Manufacturing Start Ups in IndiaMehta, Peeyush; Avittathur, Balram; Ghosh, Debabrata; Sarkar, Uttam K.
-Competition and Collaboration in RemanufacturingGhosh, Debabrata
2020Do cap-and-trade policies drive environmental and social goals in supply chains: Strategic decisions, collaboration, and contract choicesKuiti, Mithu Rani; Ghosh, Debabrata; Basu, Preetam; Bisi, Arnab
2016Green supply chain initiatives: The india perspectiveGhosh, Debabrata; Gouda, Sirish Kumar; Shah, Janat
2019Integrated product design, shelf-space allocation and transportation decisions in green supply chainsKuiti, Mithu Rani; Ghosh, Debabrata; Gouda, Sirish Kumar; Swami, Sanjeev N.; Shankar, Ravi
2016-06Outbound logistics management practices in the automotive industry: an emerging economy perspectiveChandra, Saurabh; Ghosh, Debabrata; Srivastava, Samir K.
-Product Greening, Competition & Fixed Fee Contract Analysis under Environmental RegulationsGhosh, Debabrata
2014-06-01Product Greening, Competition and Cooperation under Environmental RegulationsGhosh, Debabrata; Shah, Janat
2019Sponsored search advertising and dynamic pricing for perishable products under inventory-linked customer willingness to payTunuguntla, Vaishnavi; Basu, Preetam; Rakshit, Krishanu; Ghosh, Debabrata
2015Supply chain analysis under green sensitive consumer demand and cost sharing contractGhosh, Debabrata; Shah, Janat
2014-08-01Supply chain analysis under green sensitive consumer Demand and cost sharing contractGhosh, Debabrata; Shah, Janat
2019Supply chain capabilities and competitiveness of high-tech manufacturing start-ups in IndiaGhosh, Debabrata; Mehta, Peeyush; Avittathur, Balram
2018The Sabar Shouchagar Project (toilets for everyone): making Nadia District the first open-defecation-free district in IndiaVijay, Devi; Ghosh, Debabrata
2018Unlocking the potential of India's high-tech start-upsGhosh, Debabrata; Mehta, Peeyush; Avittathur, Balram; Sarkar, Uttam Kumar